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University of Phoenix Material Disease Model Versus Positive Psychology Worksheet Read the scenario and answer the questions in no less than 200 words each. Support your responses with detail from this week’s assigned video and reading. Include APA-formatted citations and references. William is a 44-year old project manager for a large commercial construction firm. He started out as a gifted carpenter who greatly enjoyed designing and building custom furniture. However, after several promotions, he focuses on bringing in new business. He spends many work hours at his computer or on the telephone. He is divorced and rarely sees his two daughters. In recent years, he has gained weight and is displeased with his appearance,…show more content…
It can be argued that the recent divorce that William has experienced could be the cause for these behaviors. Divorce is a stressful situation and stress full situations can be accompanied by these behaviors. William would most likely be diagnosed with some form of depression. He would then be treated by a therapist and probably prescribed some anti-depressant. In hope that his hormones would become balanced by the drug. Psychologists know far less about mental health than they know about mental illness Baumgardner, Crothers, (2009). In this case the information that would be the most important to a traditional psychologist would be the events that have occurred in his life and the behaviors that he is exhibiting after these particular events happened. The conclusion would be to focus on mental illness and treat the behaviors causing depression, rather than focusing on strengths to make William a healthier person all the way around. 2. Discuss William’s situation from the perspective of positive psychology. What information would be most important? What conclusions and recommendations might be made by a psychologist working from the positive psychology model? Williams’s situation is that he is not happy in his life as of this moment. He is experiencing unhappiness because he is focusing on the negatives rather than the positives in his life. Martin Seligman made a plea to the APA to shift the focus away from

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