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Week One Assignment Worksheet Matching Match the definitions to the correct theoretical model. 1. ___J__ Experiences as a child affect life. Child is influenced by caretaker but also has a part in development. 2. __F___ 2–3 years of age and the body wants to retain and eliminate. 3. __K___ When a stimulus elicits a specific response 4. __H___ 6–12 years of age; skills and activities are the focus, rather than sexual exploration. 5. __O___ Overall, people are good. Humans strive for health and wellbeing. Persons develop a sense of self and create a value system based on experiences, with the goal of self-actualizing. 6. _C____ This is the part of the personality that mediates desires and the reality of the operational world.…show more content…
A. Diathesis-stress models B. Psychoanalytic theory personality – Id C. Psychoanalytic theory personality – Ego D. Psychoanalytic theory personality – Superego E. Psychoanalytic theory stages – Oral F. Psychoanalytic theory stages – Anal G. Psychoanalytic theory stages – Phallic H. Psychoanalytic theory stages – Latency I. Psychoanalytic theory stages – Genital J. Attachment theory K. Behavior classical conditioning L. Behavior operant conditioning M. Behavior observational learning N. Existential perspective O. Humanistic perspective P. Cognitive behavioral perspective Q. Cognitive theory Essay In 150 to 200 words, describe the goals of clinical assessment and diagnosis. Explain how these goals affect treatment. A clinical assessment is the process in which information is gathered about a certain person and his/her environment to make decision regarding his/hers nature, as well as their nature and if needed to asses any treatment needed of any psychological problems, if necessary. A diagnosis is the identification of any illness that a human being may have, if any. The goals of a clinical assessment and diagnosis, is to be able to identify a certain abnormality or problem in a human. The assessment or tests that they are put through evaluates any symptoms (if any), the pattern of their symptoms and are watched to observe the frequency and duration of these symptoms. Their strengths and weaknesses are also

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