Psych/110 Final Exam

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PSYC 110 Final Exam Purchase here Product Description 1. (TCOs 1, 2) According to Freud, unconscious urges (Points : 5) are able to be suppressed. only pertain to sex. attempt to surface and affect our behaviors. have no impact on everyday life. Question 2.2. (TCOs 1, 2) Julie finds that the number of hours she sleeps each night is related to the scores she receives on quizzes the next day. As her sleep approaches eight hours, her quiz scores improve; as her sleep drops to five hours, her quiz scores show a similar decline. Julie realizes that _____. (Points : 5) there is a negative correlation between the number of hours she…show more content…
(TCOs 7, 8) A young child watches her mother make pancakes. She wants to please her mother so she pays attention. However, when she goes to make them on her own, she can’t break the eggs for the batter without making a terrible mess and dropping them on the floor, no matter how hard she tries. Her attempt failed because of a problem with which part of the necessary components for observational learning? (Points : 5) Attention Memory Imitation Desire Question 11.11. (TCOs 7, 8) “The effectiveness of memory retrieval is directly related to the similarity of cues present when the memory was encoded to the cues present when the memory is retrieved.” What concept does this statement describe? (Points : 5) Memorability Registered learning Encoding specificity Accessible decoding Question 12.12. (TCOs 7, 8) Evidence suggests that procedural memories are stored in the _____. (Points : 5) cerebellum prefrontal and temporal lobes of the cortex hippocampus amygdala Question 13.13. (TCO 8) Which type of thinking is most closely related to creativity? (Points : 5) Heuristic Divergent Insightful Convergent Question 14.14. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements BEST describes the general relationship between thinking and language? (Points : 5) Language is a tool that may be used in thinking, but it isn’t the sole basis of
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