Psyc 430 Abnormal Psychology and Major Depressive Disorder

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PSYC 430 Research Paper Abnormal Psychology and Major Depressive Disorder Abnormal Psychology and Major Depressive Disorder Student’s Name Liberty University Abstract This research paper will examine the concepts of psychopathology, or abnormal psychology and how it deals with a various set of symptoms or behaviors that manifested by functional impairments in a person’s life. Psychological disorders (e.g. Major Depressive Disorder) and the causes of abnormal behaviour have been understood by a various different theories and have been documented throughout historical transformations. Additionally, this research illustrates the Causes of the Depression,…show more content…
In just one theory, Burton believed that melancholy could be prevented with a sufficient sleep, music, healthy diet, and "consequential work", as well as having a balanced social life with friends and family. Moreover, in the period of 18th century, the theory of melancholia, which is linked to a Major Depressive Disorder, had become progressively more challenged by electrical and mechanical explanations; whereby, if a person exhibited a gloomy and dark state of mind it was also proved that the person gave way to a depleted state of energy loss (Girdlera & Klatzkinb, 2007). The term “depression” was derived from a Latin verb deprimere, "to press down." Dated as far back to the 14th century, the term "to depress" meant to bring down in spirits or to conquer (, 2011). Even though melancholia continued to be the leading diagnostic expression, depression increased its frequency (its usage of name) in the medical field and was a synonym by the end of its century. The DSM-I (1952) (as cited in Girdlera & Klatzkinb, 2007) refers to depressive reaction and the DSM-II (1968) (as cited in Girdlera & Klatzkinb, 2007) depressive neurosis, as words that define an extreme reaction to an identifiable conflict or an internal circumstance (DSM, 2000). Causes of the Depression It appears that psychological, social, and biological factors will all play a role into the various degrees that cause depression. Many theorists believe that the depression

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