Psych 101 Research Paper

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Right now I’m thinking to myself that why do I have to get up so stinking early for school. I just want to keep sleeping but I can’t because of two reasons. The first reason is obvious because I have to get up for school, and the second reason is that I had to go number one undoubtedly bad. The stretch receptors in my bladder were screaming at me to go. They were screaming at me because my bladder was full of 800 milliliters of urine. My bladder was so full because my kidneys were trying to keep my blood pH levels normal so they were flushing out excess H+ ions. The only way I knew this is because the stretch receptors sent this message through the nervous system (aka the brain (the control center)) The nervous system sends and receives electric messages through the spinal cord and especially the brain. The nervous system receives and sends messages through the receptors in the sense organs. The nervous system is a part of everything in your body because it helps with homeostasis in every organ system including itself. Once I received this message I got up quickly and ran to the bathroom and relived myself. [1]
Now that I am at school, bored out of
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Today was bosco sticks, one of the best days to eat lunch at school. Before I even received my food I already had salvia in my mouth because my mouth wanted to start breaking down food. I can’t break down food if my pH levels in my body at certain digestion points are not level. Salvia is the starting point of digestion. In the stomach the pH levels have to be highly acidic so they can jump start the break down. Now the small intestine has to have a high pH because most of the enzymes used in digestion can’t function properly in an acidic environment. Mechanoreceptors are on the inside of the GI tract and these receptors tell the brain that pH levels are level or they are unbalanced. [3]
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