Psych 625 Time to Practice – Week Three Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Time to Practice – Week Three Complete both Part A and Part B below. Part A 1. For the following research questions, create one null hypothesis, one directional research hypothesis, and one non-directional research hypothesis. a. What are the effects of attention on out-of-seat classroom behavior? Null- There are no effects of attention on out of seat classroom behavior. Non-directional- Attention affects out-of-seat classroom behavior. Directional- No attention negatively instigates out-of-seat classroom behavior. b. What is the relationship between the quality of a marriage and the quality of the spouses’ relationships with their siblings? Null- There is no relationship…show more content…
The goal of inferential statistics is to end up rejecting the null hypothesis and concluding that a significant relationship exists; therefore, the null hypothesis always presume no relationship. 4. Create a research hypothesis tested using a one-tailed test and a research hypothesis tested using a two-tailed test. One-tailed test hypothesis: The mean lifespan of a dog is greater than 100 years. Two-tailed test hypothesis: The mean salary of behavioral therapists is not $75,000. 5. What does the critical value represent? The critical value represents the point on the scale of test statistic value in which the null hypothesis is rejected (Salkind, 2014). The critical value is also used to calculate the margin of error (Salkind, 2014). Lastly, the critical value is determined from the alpha or significance value of the hypothesis test (Salkind, 2014). 6. Given the following information, would your decision be to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Setting the level of significance at .05 for decision making, provide an explanation for your conclusion. a. The null hypothesis that there is no relationship between the type of music a person listens to and his crime rate (p < .05). The null hypothesis is rejected since the p-value is below the significance level of 0.05. b. The null hypothesis that there is no relationship between the amount of coffee consumption and GPA (p = .62). The null hypothesis is accepted because the

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