Psych Quiz #2

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1. (Points: 4) | | The branch of psychology that is focused on understanding the internal physical events and processes that correspond with our experiences and behavior is called:1. biological psychology.2. cognitive physiology.3. forensic psychology.4. clinical psychology. | | Save Answer | | 2. (Points: 4) | | Neurons are:1. highly specialized cells that produce myelin.2. highly specialized cells that receive and transmit information from one area of the body to another.3. found only in the spinal cord and bone marrow.4. found in primates and humans, but not in other animals. | | Save Answer | | 3. (Points: 4) | | Multiple sclerosis is a disease that involves:1. the degeneration of the myelin…show more content…
the “synaptic rush.” | | Save Answer | | 15. (Points: 4) | | When President John F. Kennedy was hit by a sniper 's bullet in the back of his head, he died almost instantly, because the bullet destroyed the part of his brain called the _____, which controls breathing, heartbeat, and other vital body functions.1. hippocampus2. medulla3. thalamus4. amygdala | | Save Answer | | 16. (Points: 4) | | Which of the following represents the largest region of the brain?1. the cerebellum2. the hindbrain3. the midbrain4. the forebrain | | Save Answer | | 17. (Points: 4) | | The primary communication link between the left and right cerebral hemispheres is called:1. the hypothalamus.2. the hippocampus.3. Broca's area.4. the corpus callosum. | | Save Answer | | 18. (Points: 4) | | Standing at an arrival gate, you scan the faces of the passengers as they walk off the plane, looking for your friend. This visual information is being processed in your:1. parietal lobe.2. temporal lobe.3. frontal lobe.4. occipital lobe. | | Save Answer | | 19. (Points: 4) | | Researchers have found that the female hippocampus tends to be larger than the male hippocampus. Based on evidence presented in the Critical Thinking box in the text, “ 'His ' and 'Her ' Brains?” you would be justified in asserting which of the following?1. Because of the differences in the size of the hippocampus, females will be
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