Psychiatric Disorders Case Paper

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DOI: 06/23/2011. This is a case of 41-year-old male maintenance worker who sustained injury to the low back while taking off a sliding door of a patio. As per OMNI notes, patient is diagnosed with lumbar disc disorder with myelopathy. MRI of the lumbar spine dated 6/28/15 revealed recurrent left paramedian L4-5 disc herniation with caudal extrusion of a 10 mm fragment into the left L5 lateral recess. As per office notes dated 7/25/16, the patient is status post redo left L5-S1 discectomy performed on 4/20/16. It was also noted that the patient had a prior L5 laminotomy several years ago. He subsequently did well. However, he had recurrence of his pain. Pain is radiating into his left leg worse on the right leg. This was unresponsive to conservative …show more content…

He still does have significant amount of residual back pain. Also, he does get still intermittent pain and numbness in the legs, left side worse than the right side. He also gets bilateral knee pain. He continues to have some bladder incontinence episode urgency. He does feel depressed as well. Treatments to date include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, epidural injection performed in May 2015, spinal surgery in 2011, L4-L5 laminotomy with good improvement, and left L5-S1 laminotomy on 4/20/16 with improvement postoperative. Physical examination revealed that the patient has been able to discontinue the use of cane. There is pain to palpation over the L5-S1 area. Range of motion is limited. The patient has flexion of 60% of normal and extension of 40% of normal. Motor strength is 5-/5 in the left lower extremity, especially in the gastrocsoleus and extensor hallucis longus. Sensation is slightly diminished in the L5 distribution bilaterally, left worse than the right. Deep tendon reflexes is 2+ at the bilateral knee and 1 + at the bilateral ankle. Plan notes physical therapy of 2 x/ week to strengthen muscles, stabilize the spine and reduce pain; Flector patch 1.3% to be applied one patch to the back every 12 hours as necessary for

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