Psychiatric Problems Among Immigrant Black Americans Essay

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Introduction Mental health is defined as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. In this day and age, mental health is a very prevalent matter considering that more and more people are opening up about it and showing others that it indeed is okay for you or someone you may know to seek help. Unfortunately, within racial minority groups it is not as prevalent as we would hope and it remains partially understood. According to Taylor, Chatters and Nguyen (2013) “there is a limited body of research on the mental health of Black Caribbeans.” Miranda, Siddique, Belin and Kohn-Wood (2005) also stated that even “to date, very little information on psychiatric problems among immigrant black Americans is available.”
In this current literature review, I will be focusing on predictors of mental health amongst Afro-Caribbeans or Black Caribbeans. I will review the results of three studies, in which, when they come together, give some factors that contribute to the onset of mental illnesses in the Afro-Caribbean/Black Caribbean community. Based on this review, I will make recommendations for people of the Afro-Caribbean/Black Caribbean community to start seeking professional help with their mental illnesses to improve the mental health awareness amongst Afro-Caribbean/Black Caribbean and with this new-found data, practitioners may be able to conduct further research in the future to
Literature Review
The first article was conducted by Robert
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