Psychiatric Rehabilitation Model Of Mental Health

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Psychiatric rehabilitation is the process of recovery and integration within the individual’s community. The psychiatric rehabilitation model of mental health consists of goals, values and guiding principles. Through the bio-psycho-social perspective, service providers assist the consumers in reaching their functional capacity. Clinicians must use the information provided by the consumer and apply it to understanding the biological, psychological and social aspects of their life in the rehabilitation process. This is achieved by following the guiding principles and approaches of psychiatric rehabilitation, which include person-centeredness, a partnership with the provider, family members and significant others, peer support, natural supports, strengths focus, focus on career development, integration of treatment and rehabilitation services and assessments related in person-chosen goals. These principles are crucial factors in servicing individuals within the recovery (Pratt, C.W., Gill, K.G., Barrett, N.M., & Robersts, M. M., 2014, p. 115). Psychiatric rehabilitation is a multi-dimensional recovery progress that relies on the cooperation of the consumer, service provider and the individual’s community. These vignettes are examples of consumers who receive treatment and the effects of following and not following the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation. In the story of Jill, it is evident within the vignette that Affinity House has structured the clubhouse based on
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