Psychiatric Treatment: Mental Disorders, Schizophrenia, and The Yellow Paper

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There are several people every year that are diagnosed with a mental disorder. In the world’s entire population, more than one percent of people have been diagnosed with schizophrenia (Brain and Behavior Research Foundation). When thinking of the billions of people in the world, it might not seem like that many people but once the number of those diagnosed is calculated it seems much larger. Currently there are more than seventy million people in the world that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, only diagnosed. There are probably several more people who have this disorder and have not been diagnosed or are unable to obtain the resources to be diagnosed.
The Yellow Wallpaper is a popular book when discussing psychology in the late
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From the hallucinations and the delusions that the narrator experienced, it would be possible for her to be schizophrenic by today’s standards.
Mental disorders are something that can scare a lot of people. Many people are unaware of how to react to them and the people around them that are affected by them. In today’s society a mental illness can be described as a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feelings, mood, ability to relate to others, and daily functioning. Schizophrenia is a specific mental disorder that scares a lot of people. Schizophrenia is “ [a] mental illness typically accompanied by functional impairment and disability, characterized by poor psychosocial functioning, difficulties in activities of daily living and … high rates of unemployment” (Ascher-Svanum et al.). People typically get paranoid from their delusions and will usually believe that people are following them or that people are trying to spy on them usually using an obscure method. This disorder will usually lead to someone having a psychotic break or people to believe that they are already having one. Psychotic breaks are when people have radical changes in their personality, have impaired functioning, and are not in touch with reality and its concepts (Psychosis). Schizophrenic episodes can lead people to have psychotic breaks if the case is
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