Psychiatry Personal Statement Essay

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At the age of 11 years,my grandfather was sent to the nearest hospital after falling down to ground after coming home from a long day of work.He had the symptoms of dizziness and sweating which led him to an unconscious state. After doing a couple of investigations, doctors confirmed that my grandfather had a pontine haemorrhage . After staying in ICU for four days on ventilator,suddenly he passed away.Never in my life have i seen my father cry until that very moment.This only enhanced my curiosity to learn more about what a stroke was and why it happened .Being in such a helpless state as i saw my grandfather suffer made me want to learn about various brain diseases.Medical literature helped me understand and see the medical world in a new perspective by showing me how neurological diseases can be controlled as well as prevented. Throughout my educational career.I was focused on biological sciences in school.The motivation and drive that i had placed me among the top five students in my class. As i…show more content…
It was often either as a result of their medical illness, or many times their medical illness was actually the result of their mental health status. That is one of the main reasons that psychiatry is the medical field that appeals to me most. I realized that physicians can make a big difference in people lives by just addressing their mental health issues.Such duties and my everyday experiences in the wards with varied mental disorders in varied age groups and with varied presentations keep reminding me of my love for the branch and reinforce my interest in the field of psychiatry. I fell head over heels in love with psychiatry, and like wine, it only gets
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