Psychiatry Rough Draft

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Senior Research Rough Draft Psychiatry is a type of science that involves mental illnesses and diagnosing the patient's’ mental, and sometimes physical, health. Psychiatrists are doctors that are trained to diagnose mental illnesses, and spot mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms. They work with their patients, listening to their stories, and performing tests in order to find out what, if any, mental illnesses or cognitive disorders. The median annual salary for a psychiatrist is around $200,000.
There are quite a few job requirements that come with being a psychiatrist. Throughout high school, it is recommended to take many math and science classes, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Geometry, Algebra and Calculus.
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There is a predicted 600 job outlook between now and 2020. This is a highly positive outlook for a very high paying job. The expected growth rate is approximately 12% annually, which is higher than the average annual growth. The growth rate is also predicted from now until 2020. There are some positives and negatives for a career in psychiatry. One positive is that the psychiatrist is able to prescribe medicine, meaning the salary for the job is higher than most. Another positive is that the psychiatrist is able to schedule their own hours, and make their own timetables. One negative is that in order to prescribe the medicine, someone who wants to be a psychiatrist needs to go to medical school, which costs a lot of time and money. Another negative is that many people are interested in the field of psychology, meaning there will be less jobs out of college. Psychiatrists go through a set daily routine, with few wavering moments in that schedule. Through this fixed routine, the psychiatrist is able to form solid bonds with their patients through, usually weekly, talks with these patients. Psychiatrists use brain scans, genetics and psycho-pharmacology to diagnose and treat mental illnesses and cognitive disorders. Between talking to their patients, and using the tests and scans, psychiatrists are able to accurately diagnose and treat most types of mental illnesses and cognitive…show more content…
After these two things, that person needs to take the MCAT, or the Medical College Admission Test, in order to gain admission to a medical school to finish their graduate school and get the M.D. they need to practice. Once they receive their M.D. they have to do a residency program that involves 1,000 hours of internship, mostly unpaid. After these 1,000 hours are completed, the person who accomplished these things has to go to a board, and get the board’s certification in order to be licensed and begin their practice. Becoming a psychiatrist takes a lot of time, money, and patience, but it is highly rewarding in the end. Through this research paper, I have realized some of the potential drawbacks, but I have also found many new benefits of this field that I had not previously noticed. This research paper helped me see that this is something that I would like to pursue, even though it will not be
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