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On Wednesday 2/1/2017, at approximately 1430hours Assistant Principal Mrs. Marie ERNST informed me, Cassandra LONGAZEL, grade 12, reported a female student, Taylor KASCHAK, grade 11, had exposed her butt in period 8/9. All students were already dismissed from school at this time, therefore I would begin investigating the incident the next day.

At approximately 830 hours on Thursday 2/2/2017, I interviewed Kyle KAPISH, grade 11. He said during period 8/9 he saw Taylor bare her butt to 3 females, while in Mr. Greg MAZUREK's, HAAS Chemistry Teacher, class. KAPISH stated she pulled her pants down right below her butt cheeks 3 times. He said this action was very "disgraceful" and she bared her butt to Chantal GUERRERO, Kayla MISTISZYN, and
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She said from where she was sitting, KASCHAK did in fact pull her pants down below her butt cheeks in a squatting position. She said at first KASCHAK seemed to be imitating the motion of pulling her pants down. The second time she actually saw KASCHAK pull her pants down low enough to expose her butt crack. She stated the third time, she observed her pull down her pants and her butt was fully exposed. LONGAZEL reported the incident at dismissal to Mrs.ERNST.

At 1000hours I spoke with KASCHAK and she admitted to flashing her butt in period 8/9. She told me she did not have any reason behind her pulling down her pants and exposing her butt. The 3 females she flashed were, GONZALEZ, GUERRERO, and MISTISZYN. KASCHAK became visibly upset and asked to speak with Mrs. Stephanie HOPKINS, HAAS Guidance Counselor.

I interviewed GONZALEZ, and she said KASCHAK did bare her entire butt to her, GUERRERO, and MISTISZYN during period 8/9.

I reviewed the results of the incident with Assistant Principal ERNST. ERNST contacted KASCHAK's father and issued a 2 day out of school suspension to be served on Wednesday February 8th and 9th, 2017. Due to school being closed on February 9th and 10th, KASCHAK served her second day out of school suspension on Monday, Feb 13, 2017.

On Monday February 13, 2017 this incident was turned over to SPO Nicholas
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