Psychoanalytic Analysis : Psychoanalytic Therapy And Christianity Essay

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Psychoanalytic counseling, founded by Sigmund Freud, is the approach of targeting and changing individuals personality and emotional development. Freud believed humans existed in an ever-ending state of confusion. The Christian belief is that every individual is made in the image of God, as well as, given the choice of free will. Although, these two ideas are very different they are also very similar. Furthermore, bibliotherapy is a very important part of both Christianity and Psychoanalytic therapy. Psychoanalytic therapy and Christianity may both deal with the nature of individuals differently, but they both allocate the wellbeing of an individual. Psychoanalytic therapy is seen by many as an unorthodox way of helping people recover from psychological problems. Psychoanalytic theory is made up of two hypotheses, psychic determinism and dynamic unconscious. Psychic determinism “implies that mental life is a continuous manifestation of cause-related relationships, and that nothing happens by chance” (Merydith, 2007). However, dynamic unconscious implies that a various amount of basic needs, impulses, and desires are out an individual’s consciousness (Henderson & Thompson, 2016). In contrast, coming from a Greek Orthodox perspective human nature is seen from the eyes of the Lord. Growing up in this denomination it has taught the parishioners that they were made in the image of God. They have worth and value in this world and it is important that they know this.

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