Psychoanalytic And Psychodynamic Theory Of Personality

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Psychoanalytic/ Psychodynamic: The psychodynamic perspective focuses on the role of the unconscious mind in the development of personality. Freud believed that the personality develops in a series of five stages that develop the three divisions of personality. In the oral stage, the fixation is in the mouth, and would be the cause of his introverted nature; likewise, in the anal stage, Roberto would discover his reserved nature, while the phallic stage, he would further refine his reserved nature as a sense of humility in his actions, also defining his mild mannered portion of his personality. In the latency stage, his social skills would refined and he would become introverted. Freud would think that Roberto’s mild-mannered, reserved, and invertedness is caused by intense suppressing of the id by the ego, having Roberto adopt the personality that he does; however, Karen Horney would classify Roberto’s personality in respect to her theory of neurotic personalities- personalities typified by maladaptive ways of dealing with relationships- with moving away from people by withdrawing from personal relationships. Behaviorism: The behaviorist perspective of personality focuses on the effect of the environment on behavior. Based on the theories of Skinner and Pavlov, Roberto has his personality because of his past experiences in a social environment. B.F. Skinner would relate operant conditioning to Roberto’s personality. Through many punishments and reinforcements by his
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