Psychoanalytic Concepts Of The Psychoanalytic Therapy

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Assignment 5 Psychoanalytic Formulations
The psychodynamic therapies stress importance of the unconscious mind, extensive interpretation by the therapist and the role of early childhood experiences in the development of an individual’s problems. Psychoanalysis is Freud’s therapeutic technique for analyzing an individual’s unconscious thoughts. Freud believed that a person’s current problems can be traced to childhood experiences (King, 2013).
Major features of the psychoanalytic therapy process include free association. Free association involves encouraging individuals to say aloud whatever comes to their mind no matter how trivial or embarrassing. Encouraging people to speak freely Freud reasoned, would allow their deepest thoughts and feeling to emerge.
Interpretation is a major role player in psychoanalysis. In interpretation the therapist searches for hidden meaning in a person’s words or their behavior. The Therapist may suggest possible meaning of the person’s statements and behavior (King, 2013).
Dream interpretation is another feature of the psychoanalytic therapy process. Psychoanalysts believe dreams contain information about unconscious thoughts, wishes and conflicts (King, 2013, p. 492). Freud distinguished between the dreams manifest content and latent content. Remembered parts of a dream are called manifest content. Latent content refers to the unconscious, hidden aspects that are symbolized by the manifest content. To better understand your dream, a…
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