Essay on Psychoanalytic Criticism of A Rose for Emily

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Psychoanalytic Criticism of A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily is a sad story about a woman who struggles with being unable to cope with the death of her father and being a lonely woman. It is broken into 5 sections in which in each part the narrator shifts the point of view. In section 1 the story starts off at Miss Emily’s funeral. The funeral is taking place at her home and many people come to pay their respects and also are curious to see the inside of the house. No one had seen the inside of the house besides the manservant for 10 years. Throughout the story we see the struggles a woman has with loneliness, depression and even necrophilia. Miss Emily’s character has many mental problems. Her biggest problem that we see her
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She insisted that she owed nothing to the town. The leaders of the town sent a couple of letters to her but got no return. Back and forth it went until they decided to go to her house and collect the money. After a brief discussion she forced them out of her home with out paying and telling them to talk to Colonel Sartoris because she has no taxes in Jefferson. Colonel Sartoris had died by this point but she was unaware because she wouldn’t leave her home. We see her deal with denial when the death of her father comes. The day after he died a group of ladies went up to the house to “offer condolences and aid” (pg. 151) and Miss Emily “met them at the door, dressed as usual and with no trace of grief on her face.” (pg. 151) She denied that her father was dead. For 3 days people went to her house trying to get her to let them dispose of the body. And right as they were about to use law and force she allowed them to take the body and burry him. This is when we first signs that she was gong crazy. However, the narrator does say that they didn’t think she was crazy at this point but “she had to do that.” (pg. 151) The third denial she faces is when she murdered Homer Barron. Her and Homer were seen together on several occasions out in town. Many people thought they would marry but then Homer was last seen entering her home. The people of Jefferson thought he had left town after that since he was never seen again. At the end we learn that she had killed him. His body
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