Psychoanalytic Model Paper

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Psychoanalytic Model Paper


Psychoanalytic Model Paper
Cynthia Garza
Psy310- History and Systems of Psychology
Instructor: Sara Molloy

Psychoanalytic Model Paper


Psychoanalytic Model Paper
When we talk about Psychoanalytic theory the first name that comes to mind is Sigmund
Freud. Even though they are other psychologists that contributed to psychoanalytic theory and its development, Sigmund Freud is known for being the founder of this theory. He is famous for his work on sexual bias of neurosis, his study of hysteria, childhood seduction controversy, and dream analysis, among other theories like id, ego, and superego. Psychoanalytic Theory is the theory of the unconscious mind, and the personality development. Another
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The part that is above water represents the conscious mind, and the part that is deep in the water is the unconscious mind. Freud strongly believed that our deepest desires were stored in the mind, and no divine power could change that

Psychoanalytic Model Paper


not even religion. He liked using the free association technique by letting his patients talk about whatever came to mind. Freud believed that by letting the patients express their thoughts they would uncover repressed memories that were the cause of their behavior. He noticed that his patients talked about childhood suppressed memories that involved sexual issues. At first he thought that his patient’s neurosis was caused by childhood trauma of sexual abuses. Later he suspected that they were fantasies that his patients were reporting and not the actual abuse. One of his theories is that all sons have a sexual attraction towards the mother and all girls towards the father. Freud published a paper talking about his theory of childhood seduction. This paper created so much controversy that some people were angry, and other had mixed emotions. Freud believed that sexual frustration was the cause of neurosis. He was actually obsessed with the subject because of sex because of the lack of sex in his life. By analyzing his dreams he realized that the unconscious mind can manifest thru dreams. Years later he published a book “The
Interpretation of Dreams” (1900). Even though
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