Psychoanalytic Theories Of Human Development

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Every human being is unique and different as everyone has different their own biology, life experiences, different environments or thoughts. There are many different influences within society that may impact on human development. Human development occurs over three different factors which can relate to one another of affect each other, these are biological, cognitive and psychological. Biological meaning human growth, physical changes within the human body for example maturation and growth. Cognitive due to the development of an individual mentally through learning, memory, imaging, ways of thinking and problem solving. Psychological meaning developing emotions, personality, individuality, social interaction and expectations with the society.
Psychoanalytic theories of human development start through the work of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). Freud believed that within early childhood, the experiences that a child has went through can have an impact on their development, have a lasting effect on them and their behaviour, and influence their adult personalities later in life. Freud’s theory believes that people are born with biological instincts which unconsciously exist in our minds; these instincts must be controlled to fit into society. For example if we had a society where everyone did what they wanted then life would be short, full of violence, living would be impossible. Freud believes children go through psychosexual development. These psychosexual stages are the result…
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