Psychoanalytic Theory Paper

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Psychoanalytic Theory The founder of this theory was Sigmund Freud. The philosophies of this theory is investigating and trying to fix personality. Psychoanalytic theory is the hardest for me to understand. I would use the theory in my practice by attempting to learn more about the person, leading the discussion back to their childhood to see if anything could stem from their prior behavior. There are things that happen to people in their life, like being so scared that they will die if they are in a car accident or they are going to die in a plane crash. They may have experienced a tragic event in their childhood that could trigger something in their brain to make them think it could happen again. I know with myself I have a fear of…show more content…
Practice has proven that in helping those children feel valued, significant, and competent is an effective method in coping with difficult child behaviors. The Adlerian Theory would also be good when working with recovering addicts or families with substance abuse or alcoholics. Existential Theory Existential therapy can help alleviate anxiety, shame, guilt and other difficult emotions through honest self-evaluation. However, at the same time, this approach openly confronts the realities of life such as death, meaninglessness, loss and suffering and works to promote positive experiences, relationships and emotions. I would use this theory to encourage patients to evaluate their values, beliefs, and situation. Existential therapy can help patients find meaning and purpose in their lives by acknowledging their limitations as well as the possibilities for their lives. It would be most beneficial for individuals who are willing to engage in honest evaluations, however I would be reluctant to use this method with individuals who are reluctant to find the true meaning to their problems or those that are seeking immediate relief from the symptoms of their
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