Essay Psychoanalytic Theory and the Defense Mechanisms

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The introduction of the psychoanalytic theory into the field of psychology in the late 19th century and early 20th century by Sigmund Freud provided an innovative approach toward the examination and treatment of an individual’s behaviors. Through Freud’s definition of psychoanalysis, the idea that behaviors are not random, but rather full of significance, was encapsulated. In general terms Freud viewed psychoanalysis as an attribution of thoughts and actions to an individual’s unconscious motives and conflicts through the use of personality and therapeutic methods. Within this theory Freud developed an idea of an individual’s mind by analyzing it in comparison to an iceberg. Much like an iceberg, which contains various regions that are…show more content…
Throughout childhood and adolescence the influence of authoritative figures plays a crucial role in the emergence of conscious ideals. The final division of the human mind, the ego, possesses a critical position in mediating between the demands and drives of the id with the constraints set in place by the superego in order to meet the demands of reality. An ego-driven person maintains the ability to understand themselves along with the outside world. This capability provides such individuals with an insight into methods of controlling their drives in a socially acceptable manner. The three divisions of the mind that Freud emphasizes play an essential role in the psychoanalysis theory. When examining an individual’s thoughts and actions through personality and therapeutic methods, the three divisions prove to be significant. Freud demonstrates this importance by recognizing that human personality ascends from a struggle between impulses and restraints. This acknowledgment portrays personality as an individual’s effort to resolve this struggle between the three divisions of the mind. Overall, Freud’s division of the human mind presents the field of psychology with a methodical technique with which to classify abnormal behaviors. When coping with abnormal behaviors or situations beyond an individual’s control, the utilization of defense mechanisms provide an effective release. Defense mechanisms serve as strategies that unconsciously
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