Psychoanalytic Therapy : My Primary Theory

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I choose Psychoanalytic Therapy as my primary theory. I agree with Sigmund Freud’s hypothesis on the power of the unconscious in influencing how we think, feel and behave. Our dreams are powerful tools in assisting people to recognize their internal conflicts, central struggles, wants, dreams and goals for the future. He also recognizes the power of the past and early traumatic childhood experiences in preventing people from living full, healthy well-adjusted lives. I also agree with Erickson’s psychosocial theory in that people still develop socially throughout their lives and that there are certain events that should be resolved within each stage of life. I agree with Alfred Adler as well. He believed that personality difficulties are rooted in a feeling of inferiority deriving from restrictions on the need for self-assertion. He also states that the past and the present determine one’s behavior. Humans are naturally motivated to find their place in society and to belong to a group. Many of the experiences that we have before we reach the age of six years old determine our personal characteristics of who we are as a person. From that age, our personal experiences and decisions shape our future. Our behavior is goal-oriented and stresses the importance of the choices we make. We must take responsibility for their actions and be purposeful in creating meaning in their lives and strive for success and completion. I believe I would counsel mostly young adults, teens and…
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