Psychoanalytic Therapy Research Paper

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My Theory

In my mind to teach, lead, or counsel you have to stick with what you know and makes sense to you. While I find all psychotherapists and their theories intriguing not all the practices are meaningful to me. Previously, I took fathers of theory class, however at that time didn't connect the importance of understanding and organizing which particular theories best suited me personally or put thought towards which theories I could successfully use to counsel. After having time to reflect on myself, what I would like in a counselor, and my current knowledge level of people I came to a realization. There is no clear-cut way to deal with human emotion and behavior.

I will start with the big reveal, if I were to become a counselor …show more content…

I think there are more effective ways to counsel, for example cognitive analytic therapy. Parts of my personality lends toward psychoanalytic therapy because I tend to over analyze people's actions, intentions, and emotion then draw my own conclusion. I have discovered most people don't enjoy being picked apart and my conclusions are not always correct. I can't say I don't enjoy picking apart people but I feel psychoanalytical therapy realizes too heavily on the therapist interpretation. I must say I have not taken the time to dig to far into psychoanalytical therapy because the little I know seems so off putting. I believe self actualization comes from within not through a therapist interpretations of your life/past lives, childhood, dreams, and …show more content…

I have ideas of what theories seem right to me and I have counseled friends but can anything prepare you for your first face to face? I think the best counselors are the ones that keep learning and growing themselves. No matter which theories I end up really using I hope that I never get stuck to one idea. I hope my mind, thoughts, and ideas continue to develop and I remember my patient comes before my theory. Maybe I should have added reality therapy to my

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