Psychoanalytical Theory and Cognitive Behavior Theory

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Running Header: JOURNAL REVIEW Journal Review: An assessment of contemporary studies to Psychoanalytical theory and Cognitive Behavior theory. Abstract Psychoanalytical theory and cognitive behavior theory (CBT) are currently two of the most utilized psychotherapeutic modalities in Western psychology. In the current review of literature, the salience of both theories is analyzed through the evaluation of contemporary studies on the two theories. These studies focused on empirical rather than merely theoretical research. Upon evaluating these sources, it becomes clear that both modalities, upon being applied in therapy, offer significant recovery, and results. In comparing the two theories, psychoanalytical theory indicates higher…show more content…
1). Their methodology began with a description of the patient and the therapist as well as of the procedure wherein the patient visited the therapist four times a week. After taking the Brief Symptom Inventory, the patient’s results were scored by external raters as well as his therapist in order to establish objectivity in the analysis. Utilizing the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale, the therapist and the raters were able to track progress in order to determine if there was any significant and lasting improvement in symptoms over time (Porcerelli, Dauphin, Ablon, and Leitman, 2007, p. 4). Subsequently the transcribed sessions were evaluated by two raters, one of which was the therapist, for the five year period of psychotherapeutic treatment. Results indicated that the patient’s overall functioning improved from pathological dysfunction to clinically significant change by year four. Notably, the patient had overcome his phobia after year one but did not exhibit clinical change until much later (Porcerelli, Dauphin, Ablon, and Leitman, 2007, p. 10). The team concluded that psychoanalytical theory was efficacious for avoidant personality disorders and recommended that the methodology be empirically tested on patients with other
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