Psychobiological Differences

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My essay is on what I have learned during this course and how the knowledge I have gained has impacted my life. I will also discuss the knowledge I have learned and how it may be beneficial to others. Also, I will be disclosing the emotional differences in gender. I will cover my connection with the emotional dissimilarities between men and women. In addition, I will cover how one’s emotional stability is dependent on recognizing the psychobiological differences in gender. More importantly, what I have learned this term is to important not to share with others.

I am currently in my third year of college with Troy University, and I chose to take this course based on the intriguing title and the short synopsis underneath it. While deciding
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The assignment seemed fairly easy, post an article and write about the article you found. However, though the assignment was simple, the impact was immensely empowering. Surely, perinatal loss is devastating, but sharing loss is important. I found in doing so, I was no longer hiding; I could use my story to help others. Humbly, I posted my article review on perinatal loss and how both genders express loss. I purposely chose a topic that held so much personal meaning in hopes that my passion would come through in my writing. Even though the topic of loss is painful to share, I am learning the importance of sharing it with others. I now realize that I can inform others of what I did not know at the time of my loss and that can help someone navigate through their own grieving…show more content…
In my assignment for week four, I discussed some stereotypes of women and gender roles. These stereotypes have affected and bothered me since childhood. I knew that I was unlike my brothers because my father treated me differently. In fact, he expected me to be more emotional and fragile. The more he tried to instill his philosophy in me, the more I tried to be brave and tough. However, on the inside it made me question who I really was, and if my dad would love me the way I was, even though it was not what he felt I should be. After reading in week four about stereotypes among gender and emotion, I feel free to be who I want to be. I feel confident that I can be emotional, hormonal, but also angry and bossy. In other words, no matter who I am, I am going to love me for me regardless of what others may
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