Psychodiagnosis Essay

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Psychodiagnosis, does the benefits of conducting a diagnosis outweigh the conclusions of not preforming an official diagnosis. It is understandable for a third party payer the diagnosis is going to be required in order to obtain payment. But in the long run will your client be chastised with a stigmatizing label for years to come? Therefore, I personally have mixed opinions when it comes to making psychodiagnosis, especially if I am working at an agency and I was to develop a diagnosis on the first encounter with someone. In the case of a client who comes in and sees you and exhibits symptoms of being depressed, there are several types of depression and the symptoms must be present for a variety of periods of time. For instance to diagnose major depression disorder from nine criteria’s the client must exhibit at least five of the criteria’s during the same two week period, and one of the categories must include depressed mood, or loss of interest or…show more content…
Although, the client should be referred out for a medical or psychiatric evaluation at this point it does not mean it always happens. Unfortunately, the chances of a mental health counselor making a misdiagnosis increase when a mental health counselor is culturally unaware. Malgady and Zayas (2001) report, the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population in the United States and there are large numbers of these individuals in need of mental health services. When the individual has limited English vocabulary the client can easily come across as uncooperative or reluctant, and they exhibit greater non-verbal body expressions than non-Hispanic clients. Although, depression symptoms is high among Hispanic or Mexican-American clients as professionals making a correct diagnosis is detrimental to the individual’s treatment. Corey, G., Corey, M. S., Corey, C., Callanan, P, (2015) report as mental health professionals we must become skilled and understand the diagnosis so we can become effective within our
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