Essay on Psychodnamic Theory

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Ian Curtis was 23 years old when he hung himself in his home in Macclesfield, England. The events that led to the singers death should have been warning signs of his plans, but his personality kept him from receiving the help he desperately needed. Born on July 15th, 1956 in Manchester, England Ian had a considerably normal childhood to follow. He had one little sister and his working class family were very tightnit with other family members as well as each other. (Curtis 1995)Ian was a cheerful child who loved to read and socialize with the neighborhood boys. During his teenage years he became melancholy and wrote poetry that directly resembled his mood. He spoke of human suffering and hopelessness. He also began abusing drugs and had…show more content…
At first his wife thought it was a strange coincidence, but quickly dismissed it as that once the severity of the illness took hold. (Curtis 1995) Ian was put on several anti-seizure medications and his mood worsened after this and his work in Joy Division was greatly impaired. He began an affair with a Belgian journalist Annik Honore and the stress of carrying on both relationships caused his depression to spiral and he made his first suicide attempt with notes concerning his two relationships. He took too many of his seizure medications and was released with no talk of aftercare or psychological treatment of any kind. Eleven months later he succeeded and it was his wife who noticed the signs and begged him to get help. Ian's friends with whom he stayed his last weeks with stated that Ian would not leave bed all day and would engage in violent arguments with them.. He left there to try and save his marriage and following another violent outburst towards his wife he hung himself after she left him alone in their Maccelsfield home. Biologically, theorists would want to look at Ian Curtis' family history with depression and whether or not his disorder came from a genetic predisposition or possibly a result of his seizure disorder. Biological theorists view abnormal behavior as an illness brought about by malfunctioning parts of the organism. (Comer 2011) Scientifically this theory could explain several physiological reasons why Ian behaved the way he did, as
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