Psychodybamic Counseling

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Psychodynamic Counseling Lec 2: * Psychodynamic therapy (insight-oriented therapy) focuses unconscious processes in behavior * Goal is client’s self awareness and understanding influence of the past on the present * 4 schools of psychoanalytic theory * Freudian (Sigmund Freud) * Sexual and aggressive energies in the ID (unconscious) are controlled by Ego (bridge between ID and Reality) * Ego Psychology * Enhancing ego functions according to demands of reality * Object relations (Winnicott) * Human beings are shaped in relation to significant others * Struggle is to maintain relations with others while differentiating ourselves from them * Self Psychology (Heinz Kohut)…show more content…
seeking (especially when stressed) * Separation distress and relief when reunited * Orientation towards specific individual * Secure attachment theory (by Ainsworth and Bowlby) “secure attachment is enduring affective bond characterized by a tendency to seek and maintain proximity to a specific person especially when under stress” * Characteristics of secure attachment: * Deep, long lasting, emotional attachment * Influences mind, body, emotions and values * Positive effect of self-esteem * Types of insecure attachment: * Ambivalent attachment * Withdraw in unfamiliar environment * Separation anxiety * Rejects efforts to comfort * Infant shows hostility towards parent * Avoidant attachment * Semi-independence and self efficiency * Rejects or avoids comforting * Unaffected by close intimate contacts * Infants Avoid the parent * Anxious attachment * Disorganized attachment * Most serious form * No consistent way of comfort seeking * Depression and disassociation * Attachment in adults * Attachment theory was extended to adults in late 80s by (Cindy Hazan and Phillip Shaver) * Types of adult attachment * Secure * Positive view of themselves and significant other * Comfortable with intimacy and independence and can balance *

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