Psychodynamic Model

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RAD is one of the least researched disorders in DSM and it difficult to diagnose accurately (Chaffin et al, 2006). There is also difficulty in distinguishing between consequences of maltreatment, disorganized attachment and attachment disorder (Prior & Glaser, 2006). In the United Kingdom, according to British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), only psychiatrists can diagnose RAD and any assessment regarding RAD must include a comprehensive evaluation of child’s family history and individual history (BAAF, 2006). There are other disorders that share many symptoms with RAD and they are often co-morbid or confused by RAD, such as anxiety disorder, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD), social phobia and conduct disorder …show more content…
Bowlby was a child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and his colleague, Mary Ainsworth, was trained in clinical and developmental psychology (Shaver & Mikulincer, 2002). In psychodynamic approach, attachment disorder occurs when there is a lack of trust in the interpersonal relationship of child with caregiver. When the child starts life, the first person who means the world of the child is the primary caregiver. If the child cannot bond with the primary caregiver, the life can seem scary because there is no one to look after the child.
A child with attachment disorder may seem externally well-defended (will put on a façade of being confident and untouchable), but internally, they feel bad, helpless and at fault ( Bartholmew & Horowitz, 1991). Psychodynamics argues that this is a defense mechanism. The child is scared and feels rejected by the person, who should have given him/her love and security. Therefore the child uses defense mechanism, since he/she does not want to be rejected again.
Children with attachment disorder believe that there is no point in expressing their feelings, conflict and opinions (Mikulincor & Shaver, 2004). It may be as a result of memories which they had in the early childhood where a feeling had been expressed and no one cared, or they had been humiliated. Since they cannot remember the memory, according to psychodynamic approach, unconscious plays the main role here and children, unconsciously, avoid expressing.

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