Psychodynamic Perspective Essay

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Psychodynamic Perspective is a view that explains personality in conscious and unconscious forces. Sigmund Freud the founder of the psychodynamic perspective believed that there are three level of consciousness. First is the unconscious mind which consist outside of your awareness at all time. Next is your preconscious mind which consist of all the information that you are not currently aware of but that can be recalled. Them the conscious mind is your current state of awareness. According to Freud there are three parts of personality. These are the Id, Ego, and Superego. The Id being the first to develop, the Ego the second and the Superego being last. The Id is driven by sexual and aggressive urge according to Freud. The Ego is the balance between the Id and Superego as it has you to think logically. The Superego is the direct opposite from the Id it’s the part which makes you feel guilty and anxious. Next, we have the cognitive perspective which deals with how we take in information process it and then come to an understanding. The cognitive…show more content…
Humanistic Psychologist do not only look at human behaviour through their eyes but also through the person eyes that are doing the behaving. Abraham Maslow created the hierarchy of Self-Actualisation which is a theory that says as humans we are capable of achieving things in a set order. The first four levels of Maslow’s theory are stated as deficiency needs. The levels go from the lowest which is physical needs such as shelter, warmth, and water to the highest level Self-Actualisation .In humanistic counselling there is self concept which is how you perceive yourself. In order to have self-actualisation we have to have positive self regard. Carl Rogers said that people have two basic needs and one of them are positive regard from others, and the other is what we think about ourselves and this is what makes people
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