Psychodynamic Theory And Family Counseling

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Psychodynamic Theory and Family Counseling Advantages and Disadvantages Psychodynamic therapy has been around for ages, and has been very beneficial for clients who are suffering from an array of difficulties in life. This form of therapy has the client focus on the past and understand how it has positively or negatively affected his/her behavior and outlook on life. There are many advantages and disadvantages to taking this historical approach when working with families. Starting with the advantages of psychodynamic therapy, a client is able to re-examine past conflicts and work though unresolved issues that could be hindering his/her present day life. Going through life and never really dealing with what is troubling you, can cause stress and anxiety all the way into adulthood. When an individual decides to seek help for the first time, it is beneficial for the counselor to know about the client’s past experiences to fully understand why they are the person they are today. A historical approach helps the counselor focus on the root of the problems, and how events along the way have become overpowering struggles that has brought the family into counseling. Understanding one’s past can help a person heal and learn to deal with new issues that may come along in the future. This type of therapy is also beneficial because it helps the client and counselor identify reoccurring behaviors that have led to negative outcomes. Being aware of why the behaviors occur and recognizing
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