Psychodynamic Theory : The Psychosocial Development Stages And The Unconscious Mind

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Jenny Ryan
SOCW 640
September 15, 2015
Psychodynamic Theory Psychodynamic theory revolves around the basis that the psychosocial development stages and the unconscious mind are essential to understanding human behavior (Walsh, 2013, p. 55). This broad theory encompasses several other theories such as ego psychology, psychoanalysis, relational and object relations theory, and self-psychology. For the purpose of this client intervention, the focus will be on the ego psychology practice theory. This practice theory identifies the client in their social environment and the role of the ego in human behavior (Walsh, 2013, p. 56). The client in this case is thirty-four years old and facing marital problems with her husband of twenty years. Changes over the last few years had caused her and her husband to slowly drift apart. After realizing the distance in their relationship, the client worked to spend more time with her husband and open up herself emotionally to him. Soon after, her husband told her he wanted a divorce since he no longer loved her. She sought the help of a therapist to help her work through the relationship problems.
Intervention Approach The client was in distress when arriving at the social workers session. The first step with the client was to build rapport and create a safe environment to share information. The social worker used psychodynamic theory and the practice of exploration, description, and ventilation (Walsh, 2013, p. 68) to help the
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