Psychological Analysis On Ava 's Communication Skills

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At the end of 8 years of age heading into 9 years of age, I received a psychological analysis on Ava. Based on these results, I think I did well in the areas that involved Ava’s communication skills, language skills, as well as her memory skills. I believe this to be true because Ava’s scores have proven to be average or above average in these particular areas. Ava’s psychological analysis was performed by a highly trained psychologist. Ava took the verbal portion of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. To explain these tests a little further, a score of 7 is one standard deviation above the mean, 10 is the mean, and 13 is one standard deviation above the mean. In information and comprehension Ava scored a 9. Both of these scores are almost the mean score. Ava also scored an 8 in vocabulary and similarities. Then her scores in math concepts, math application problems, and math computation tests were in the average range. Lastly, Ava’s scores on tests of visual spatial ability (spatial rotation, copying of designs, etc.) were above average. When Ava was younger I took advantage of her natural born talent to read and write by giving her books to read. I would make each book increasingly more challenging for her vocabulary. I would also encourage her to improve her writing by practicing every day. The results in her report reflect this choice benefitted Ava because she is above average in “…word reading, reading fluency, phonological awareness, and spelling”
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