Psychological Analysis On Mental Illness

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Criminology C160

Psychological Analysis

Based on the case notes, the defendant Howard does have a mental illness. Bipolar 1 disorder is most likely the mental illness. In order to complete the diagnoses the disorder must impair the sufferer’s life in a severe way which it has in this case. There is also a possibility that a sufferer may have psychotic features such as delusions. Howard had a severe delusion at the night he violated Stacey. He believed that fate brought them together rather than believing the encounter was just out of the ordinary. Believing in fate in itself does not necessarily mean someone is suffering from psychotic delusions or any disorder. However Howard was suffering from a number of symptoms associated with bipolar 1 disorder. The disorder has two phases the mania stage and the depressive stage. The symptoms exhibited depend on what stage the person is in. In order to be diagnosed for the disorder at the mania stage, one must be irritable and show over three other symptoms such as doing pleasurable activities with negative consequences, having racing thoughts, and being highly distractible. Howard exhibited symptoms from both these stages. He appeared to be at the mania stage when at the strip club. For around a week he spent all his life savings on lap dances thus showing he was engaging in pleasurable and gratifying activities with negative consequences. His thoughts were racing and he was easily distracted. So much so that his friends did not…

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