Psychological And Emotional Effects Of Domestic Violence

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In 2 out of 3 women homicide cases, they are killed by a family member or intimate partner. Domestic violence is typically the aggressive or violent behavior in a household that involves the physical abuse of a spouse or partner. Physical abuse is one of the major ways men control the behavior of women. More than 4 million women experience physical assault and rape by their partners. The abuser may also do other acts of violence such as psychological and/or emotional abuse that includes intimidation, threats, isolations and etc., as a way to gain control over the victim. Psychological and emotional abuse allows the abuser to avoid legal actions from the court in contrast to physical abuse since they are not doing any physical harm to the body. Even though there isn 't a direct cause on why domestic violence occurs, it is caused by the abuser. Most women in a domestic violence relationship stay because it is not that easy to leave, believe the abuse will eventually stop, and they feel sympathy as the abuser usually comes from a history of previous abuse. The time of getting out of a domestic relationship is the time of most unsafe and difficulty. Let alone from the fact of the woman worrying about her safety, she has to worry about the well being of her children and what is best for them. Children who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioral disturbances such as low self esteem, nightmares, self-blame and aggressive
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