Psychological And Emotional Effects Of Psychological Abuse

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Psychological abuse, which includes verbal and emotional abuse, is a widespread and common problem in our society. Mary Jo Fay (2007), states that verbal abuse, “includes name-calling, shouting and yelling.” She also goes on to say that emotional abuse: includes blaming, accusing and restricting your freedom - like preventing you from using the phone or talking to family members, or recording the mileage on your car to see if you 've driven somewhere 'not allowed. ' Attempting to confuse you mentally (Types of Abuse section).
What makes psychological abuse such a large issue is that it is not recognized by most as a true form of abuse. Therefore, the victims of psychological abuse cannot get the help that they need. This is such a critical problem because the only way for the victims of psychological abuse to be helped is for the bystanders of this crime to recognize and take a stand for the victims. The everyday people in the lives of psychologically abused victims need to be the ones that help them because these critical bystanders are the only ones who can.
The reason that psychological abuse is not taken seriously is that there is a mass cultural acceptance that people are going to say mean things. People in our culture are taught at a young age that everyone should just take the insults in stride and keep moving forward with their lives. All of which is accurate to some degree; however, there comes a point when the line between mean kids, rude co-workers, and spouses…
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