Psychological And Psychological Aspects Of Psychological Trauma Essay

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“Complex psychological trauma is defined as resulting from exposure to severe stressors that (1) are repetitive and prolonged, (2) involve harm or abandonment by caregivers…a responsible adult, and (3) occur at developmentally vulnerable times in the victims’ life, such as early childhood or adolescence” (Courtois & Ford C. A., 2009, p.13). Jim experienced prolonged physical and psychological abuse and witnessed IVP between his parents until the age of 14. The abuse by his father continued until he was 18. His entire childhood, he had to live in a place of fear, he was vulnerable, unsure of how he would be treated, and likely felt helpless. As a result, he did not form a secure attachment to his parents, did not learn healthy coping mechanisms, and had to adapt to the unsafe environment and desired an attachment to his parent/s. “All of the abused child’s psychological adaptations serve the fundamental purpose of preserving her primary attachment to her parents in the face of daily evidence of their malice, helplessness, or indifference: the child resorts to a wide range array of psychological defenses to accomplish this” (Judith Herman, 1997, p. 102). There were many things that were shared in reference to his childhood that, in a different setting, I would have liked have explored. Two areas being his substance abuse and his relationship with his mother after the abuse stopped. Regarding the use of alcohol: Did he drink with his father and did it feel like a bonding
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