Psychological And Psychological Treatment Of Psychological Disorders

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How can we establish the efficacy of psychological (non-pharmacological) interventions for psychological disorder? Discuss with reference to difficulties in measuring the effects of psychological treatment.
The purpose of this essay is to discuss the different theoretical approaches in the treatment of psychological disorder with the help of psychological treatments. Furthermore I will be discussing the difficulties faced in measuring the effects of psychological treatment. Psychotherapy is the term used for psychological treatments involving social interactions between a trained professional and client with the goal of behavioural and/or emotional change. The common feature of psychotherapy are; relationship between client and therapist, explanation / interpretation of problem. The aim of psychology is to find long-term solutions to ease symptoms of psychopathy and also try to ways to ease the stress caused by these disorders (Davey, 2008)
There are a number of theoretical approaches used to treat psychological disorders such as, psychodynamic approaches, behavioural therapy, cognitive therapies and many more. Using psychotherapy, one must first understand the nature and functions of these therapies. Therapist’s help their clients explore aspects of themselves that the clients are unware of (Whitebourne & Halgin, 2014). In psychotherapy the tries to explore the clients emotional attachments, their defence mechanisms, relationships with others, understanding their past
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