Psychological And Psychosocial Impacts Of Sexual Abuse

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Holden exhibits many key behaviors associated with a victim of childhood sexual abuse, known to specialists as CSA. The impacts of sexual abuse stay very true to Holden’s character, and his many actions throughout the novel. As CSA continues to be researched, “literature suggests a number of psychological and behavioural impacts as possible results of sexual abuse of children and teenagaers.” (Stewart 131) Because of Holden’s troubled childhood, and apparent struggle with the death of his Brother Allie, he is shipped off from state to state. His mother loves him, but can not handle his emotions in tandem with her own. This neglect makes holden feel “unloved [and] worthless,” having to mourn the loss of his brother and cope with his intense emotions on his own (Stewart 131). In his interactions with a former teacher, Mr. Antolini, Holden also demonstrates his “difficulty distinguishing sexual from affectionate behaviour. (Stewart 131) These intense emotional conflicts along with “trouble trusting others” showcased in Holden 's hatred of “phonies,” “shame, guilt or fear about sexual activities” such as his encounter with Sunny, and overarching “mental health problems” which form the basis of the whole novel (Stewart 131). As Holden struggles to cope with these intense mental conditions, the sweet release of self medicating through alcohol and cigarettes becomes a daily must for Holden. Holden’s smoking of cigarettes not only relieve his stress and anxiety which he has no
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