Psychological And Social Aspects Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse has been an ongoing problem throughout the years that can affect a child from infancy all throughout adulthood. There are three kinds of child abuse. The first one is emotional abuse, it involves the psychological and social aspects of child abuse. It is usually seen when a parent cares more about their personal needs and goals rather than their children. The type of parenting style is characterized as overt aggression towards children or intimidation and manipulation. The parents usually yell, bully and humiliate their child. Characteristics of emotionally abusive parents are: Calling names and comparing their child to others, parents are unrewarding and difficult to enjoy, associating their own negative behaviors with the child’s difficult behavior, no affection to their child like kisses or hugs. Another type of is called physical abuse. There is an equal probability for both females and males to get physically abused. There is a peak between ages 4-8 and a lot more deaths within toddlers and infants. Most cases of physical abuse may be confused for discipline when in reality it is actually physical abuse inappropriate for the children’s age or any age in general. There is a line between disciplining and making a child fearful towards an adult. Signs of a child in a physical abusive home includes children finding it hard getting along with their peers even other adults, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and low academic achievements. Sexual abuse is the
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