Psychological And Social Impact Of Broken Family On Children

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In this study a significant relationship between; mental illness and broken homes was found to exist. Divorce, separation, and desertion were also more frequent in schizophrenia patients. These data would indicate that mental and emotional instability is frequent present in disputed families.
This study sought to provide answers to the following questions:
• Is there any psychological/emotional and social impact of broken family?
• What are the educational impacts of broken family on child academia?
• Financial constraints faced by broken home children?

The details of the analyses and discussion are narrated as under:
Psychological and Social Impacts of Broken Family on Children?
1. Majority 22.9% respondents got aggressive while they knew about their parents’ Divorce and later second marriage.
2. Majority of 73.5% respondents said yes their daily living is affected due to broken family.
3. High majority 40.6% respondents feel embarrassed due to their broken family.
4. High majority 23.5% respondents said that broken family effect on them is anxiety.
5. High number 72.4% respondents said that they had feeling of insecurity and inferiority complex due to broken family.
6. Majority of 47.1% respondents fight others with no reason to get out of depression.
7. 48.8% respondents had confronted verbal badgering by their progression parent 34.7% respondents confronted physical provocation though 3.5% respondents experienced inappropriate behavior by their progression parent.
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