Psychological Aspects Of The Movie ' Ordinary People '

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While watching the movie “ordinary people” there are many psychological aspects that are notices throughout the movie. The story is about a dysfunctional family who goes through many defence mechanisms throughout the movie.In the beginning you can see how hard it is on Conrad just to get up the everyday the struggle of just getting up you can see how it affects him. You could see how much his father was trying to help him, he would of done anything just to be able to help Conrad. His father tried to understand what was wrong with his son what could he do to prevent him from hurting himself again. Conrad 's mother on the other had did absolutely nothing to help conrad the burden of her other son was too much to bare to be able to even acknowledge Conrad when all he needed was his mother 's love that he won 't receive.When Conrad 's brother died, she lost the ability to love she didn 't know what she could do she was lost and confused. She was so focused on how she perceived to everyone that she neglected her family when they needed her the most;she hid from the reality trying to be seen as perfect when everything was crumbling beneath her.Conrad’s mother was never able to forgive Conrad for his attempted suicide,which she thought was bringing down the family.

Berg was a great therapist for Conrad he knew what help him relax, he made him realize what was causing all this stress anxiety that was a big problem in Conrad 's life. Conrad was experiencing survival guilt for what
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