Essay on Psychological Aspects of Remember the Titans

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Psych 100
November 13, 2012
Psychology in Movies
Psychology is the study of or science of how individuals and groups behave and their mental processes. Characteristics of these behaviors and mental processes are portrayed in many different ways within the movies that we create. Within the movie, Remember the Titans, many social psychology concepts are present. Remember the Titans is a movie set in Virginia 1971, its about a high school football team and how they come together in order to try and win the state championship. Unfortunately it is not that simple, this is a high school that has just been forced to integrate in a time of racial segregation, in a town where football is everything and is most of the boys’ ticket out of
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The four that organized this meeting ask them to stay and hear them out. They talk about winning games but point out that that isn’t a win, sticking together through all the chaos as a team is a true win. This meeting or decision making group decide to work for harmony within the group and let it override the realistic alternative of reverting back to the hate of each other that is the norm in the town.
This entire movie is encased with ingroup bias and outgroups. A great example of this is a scene when the team is at their football camp. Louie goes to sit down at a table of all African Americans and Julius says, “What you doing man?” Louie answers “I’m eating lunch.” and Julius replies “I see you eating lunch. Why you eating over here? Why don’t you go on over there and eat with your people.” This shows Julius’ tendency to favor his own group over Louie who is perceived to be part of a group that is different than his group. Remember the Titans being set in a segregated time is all about the in-group and out-group.
In conclusion, the three concepts that are evident in Remember the Titans are foot-in-the-door phenomenon, groupthink, and ingroup bias and outgroup. Adding these concepts into the plot made this a stronger storyline, by creating a dynamic story. The concept of groupthink is a concept that I

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