Psychological Autopsies: A Case Study

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Jessica ecc
When trying to find out who is the best caretaker for the child you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Psychologist have to determine who the capable parent, this mean that the parent has to be able cloth, feed and provide proper shelter for the child. I cannot imagine how it would be growing up in-between two households and I’m sorry to hear that it happened to you.
I agree with you the testimony of the people you interview is never 100% accurate. The information you gather can always have be skewed based on who you decide to interview. This is what makes psychological autopsies incredibly difficult to evaluate. In order to do this properly you have to find reliable people who are willing to be interviewed and who are likely not to giver incorrect of bias information.
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Each child has their own needs and this calls for different types of care takers. A proper background should always be done when trying to find a child a care taker that is viable. I also think the child should have some input to who they want to be their care taker especially because these are people who the child will likely be with for a long amount of
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