Psychological Barriers to Communication

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they are such things as; conflict, violent and abusive situations, ability to read and write in a particular language or style and the one that I will be focusing one is violent and abusive situations this is a huge barrier to communication this Is because if you are violent towards a person they are sure not to communicate with you in any way. This is a barrier because if you need to talk to someone to share information with them and they are violent or abusive towards you, then you will not want to communicate with them and then they will feel the same way. If there was no communication passed on in this barrier then the people communication together may feel threatened by someone who is abusive. Then they will not want to communicate …show more content…
Secretary: Okay, leave it and go. (She said impolitely and started looking here and there)

Ken handed over the complimentary copy to Secretary.

Ken: Fine, please hand over to CEO. I am leaving the place. However, I will send an email to CEO about my coming physically to gift the book. (Secretary probably worried as the Ken had already mentally prepared to send the email and keep the CEO informed. If Secretary had any intention to skip handing over the complimentary copy, CEO will know as Ken would send mail.)

Ken handed over the complimentary copy to Secretary and departed the office. He sent an email to his ex-CEO about his coming and he could not meet as the latter was busy with his schedules.

After 5 hours, the Secretary telephoned Ken and said firmly, “CEO told to return the book to you. You come and take the book back.”

Ken replied, “It is the complimentary copy meant for the CEO only”. Secretary insisted to take back the book immediately. Ken told Secretary to courier and he was about to give his address. Secretary interrupted Ken’s conversation and replied, “No we don’t send you through courier. You have to come and take.” Ken responded politely, “Right now, I am far away from that place. When I come to that area I would take back the book.”

The very next day, Ken received email from his ex-CEO congratulating Ken for the publication and thanked for coming all the way to gift the book. Ken felt
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