Psychological Case Study of Joan

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The Case of Joan The case study the presents itself, that of Joan, seems pretty unremarkable. Reading her history is akin to exploring that of any patient close to her age. She has diseases that are common to women of her age, and she is facing the same family dilemmas that most women of her age group face. The fact that the case seems so unremarkable may be the problem though. On the face of it Joan seems to be a relatively happy, healthy individual. But, a healthcare professional has to dig deeper into the case than that. The issues that face Joan are common to seniors, so these are the discussion issues that are the most relevant to her. This discussion paper will examine the case study with an eye toward the underlying factors (health issues, loneliness, loss, etc.) that can lead to more extreme conditions. Joan's health does not seem to be a problem other than the few issues mentioned such as hypothyroidism and osteoporosis, but when coupled with her intermittent memory loss these issues become more troublesome. Throughout their lives many people forget items they have placed somewhere, or something they have turned on. Studies suggest that as a person ages these incidents increase because more has happened or is happening in a person's life rather than for some medical reason (McConnon, 2008). It may not be true that a person can completely fill their brain and need some type of purging to put new items in, but it is true that with technology and a relatively
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