Psychological Conditions Of Personal Engagement And Disengagement At Work

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Introduction The term employee engagement was initially published in the article “psychological conditions of personal engagement and disengagement at work” (William. A. Kahn, 1990,).Employee engagement is an individual’s own ability and their desires to work hard with best performance for the organization. It is kind of commitment between employees and organization and also a psychological connection of employee towards the organization rather than physical. Generally, there are three aspects of employees to consider their involvement such as Individuals own perception ,feelings and their efforts to achieve organizational goals while maintaining healthy relation with organization and customers.(cook,sarah,2008,pg3) The success of organization depends upon the engagement of their employees and their awareness regarding their duty, role and output of work that perceives the organization ahead (Anitha J, 2014) Many researchers have defined employee engagement in their own words but Shane and lattimore, 2013, pg138) believes that it is a person’s innate feelings, psychological thinking, intellectual abilities and their motivational efforts to achieve the job oriented goals. Employee engagement is a kind of specific environmental condition in which an individual feel totally indulge in work and consider that work meaningful, manageable and be success full for future. The motive of writing this essay is to identify and discuss the strategies to solve the problems of
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