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Luiz, Bruno de Paula

Organization Behavior – Professor Joe Chevarlley

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Personal Application Assignment– Theories of Managing People
A. What is your own theory of management? You can describe it in words or draw it as a model. First, I would like to define theory as “perspectives with which people make sense of their world experiences” and as “a systematic grouping of interdependent concepts (mental images of anything formed by generalization from particulars) and principles (generalizations or hypotheses that are tested for accuracy and appear to be true reflections or explanations of reality) that give a framework to, or tie together, a significant area of knowledge. (Stoner et. al. 1995, pp. 31-2)”. That said, I believe
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Managers who believe in theory Y assumptions create trust based firms with empowered employees (McGregor, Douglas. The Human Side of Enterprise. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1960)”. I am a manger, who believes in Theory Y. Therefore, I have difficulty accepting employees who behave according to Theory X.

b. What personal values seem to underline your theory; that is “People, managers, or organizations should/should not __________________ (what)?

The personal value underlined in my theory of managing people is self-fulfilling prophecy. The concept of self-fulfilling prophecy can be stated as: we form certain expectations of people and communicate those experiences. People tend to respond by adjusting behaviors to match, creating

Luiz, Bruno de Paula

Organization Behavior – Professor Joe Chevarlley

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a circle of self-fulfilling prophecies. Intentionally, or not, we tend to tip people off as to what our expectations are. We tend to be comfortable with people who meet our expectation, whether they are high or low. Once formed, expectations about us tend to be self-fulfilling. I was raised in a family where my parents always had higher
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