Psychological, Cultural, And Ethical Reasons

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This project involves discovering the answer to the question “Why do people steal?” The goal of this research is to explore and analyze two psychological theoretical perspectives, the behavioral perspective and the sociocultural perspective, to gain insight on the different views regarding this particular human behavior. Several sources and experiments are being examined, which further prove and give reason for this human behavior. Through showing the effects that behavioral and sociocultural have on the formation and participation of a given human behavior, it can be inferred that several factors contribute to the act of stealing. There were no implications and/or limitations regarding sources that were discovered during this research.
There are several psychological, cultural, and ethical reasons that influence the practice of stealing. Stealing is a complex topic that individuals of all ages partake in. This topic is interesting because there are numerous reasons and ways in which individuals may steal, as simply grabbing a few dollars that belong to a parent off of the counter is a form of stealing. The question regarding why individuals steal is a widely discussed topic with psychological theoretical explanations that directly address the question and the formation of this particular human behavior. This question is important to address because of the wide range of effects it could have on individuals and on society. The reasoning behind the question is significant in
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